Our trucking service has seen us handle extensive projects for individuals and corporations alike with top quality efficiency. The unique aspect about our trucking service is the fact that we have been able to customize it to suit our customers.

Depending on the hauling needs, that our client has, we can effectively provide the custom trucks to fit the need at hand.

Our customers get to utilize our extensive resources in machinery and equipment to complete projects in a fast and efficient manner.

Among our fleet, we have belly dump, end dump and side dump trucks among others that are able to deliver and ferry materials to different sites.

Our trucking services are tuned to provide easy and quick loading and unloading of materials-be it concrete or gravel.


We aim at ensuring that heavy hauls are handled quickly and seamlessly to allow the project to move along in a proficient manner.

Our trucks are able to handle the maximum load capacity which in turn reduces the cost of operations.

This in-turn saving our client on operational costs and thereby making the project affordable in the long run.

Whether scheduled for on-site use or transfer of materials to other locations, we have the trucks and trailers that will effectively satisfy the hauling requirements in place.