We offer dirt and equipment hauling in Bismarck & Mandan, ND

Does your construction site need dependable drivers to haul away excess equipment and materials? Don't let debris and heavy equipment pile up. Trust the preferred local professionals for dirt and equipment hauling in Bismarck & Mandan, ND.

Guthmiller & Son Dirtworks has a combined 60 years of experience with hauling and trucking services. Our family-owned business uses Bell 4206 D tractors for our dirt hauling, capable of carrying up to 38 yards of dirt in one load. We also use belly dumps and side dumps to complete any task you throw at us.

Call 701-222-0749 today for quick equipment and dirt hauling services you can trust.

We're setup to haul just about any piece of equipment

Guthmiller & Son Dirtworks is trusted in the Bismarck, ND area for dependable hauling services. Do you need equipment hauling for your construction site? Our team can carry:


If you name it, we can probably haul it. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable hauling services.